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Differentiated Instruction Worksheets

September 4th, 2009 by Robin Heyden

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Differentiated Instruction Worksheet

One of the advantages to using the EL web activities with your students is that they provide a natural vehicle for differentiating instruction. Take the activities for a topic like protein synthesis like (11.4 and 11.8). These two activities work together to tell the story of how proteins are manufactured in the cell. There is a carefully developed build in these activities from the basic overview of how proteins are made to the details of mRNA, tRNA, the genetic code, and amino acid sequences.

In order to differentiate instruction on this topic, you could assign your more capable students to do all the activities, while your students who are struggling could stop at the overview. So, everyone in the class in working on the topic of protein synthesis but some are going further with it than others. Attached here you will find two sample worksheets (created by Gena Barnhardt at Hickory High School) that set out plans for this sort of differentiation – one for the photosynthesis chapter (CH8) and one for the DNA chapter (CH11).

As you can see on the worksheets, Gena has indicated three levels of students (L1, L 2, and L3) to indicate the assignment for the various student groups in your class. These are intended as a model.  You might want to try making a differentiated worksheet yourself that better suits your specific needs.  If you do, let us know!  We can post them to this site so that other teachers might try them.

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